several photos and video of Omar Khadr’s interrogation

Video excerpts from The Guantanamo Interrogation of Omar Khadr by Canadian Agents

  • Interrogation tape by Canadian officials of Omar Khadr in Guantanamo in February 2003. Omar was 16 at the time. At one point alone in the cell he sobs over and over originally interpreted as “Kill Me. Kill Me” and later translated as “Mother. Mother. Mother”  (This 10-minute video has poor sound and is edited from formerly classified information from 7.5 hours of interrogation.)

Some Photos  of Omar Khadr


An exclusive photo, right, taken at Guantanamo prison shows what Omar Khadr looks like October, 2009, seven years after his capture at 15.

“Omar Khadr ‘innocent’ in death of U.S. soldier”

by Michelle Shepherd. (Toronto Star) First published  Wed Oct 28 2009 “STAR EXCLUSIVE: Classified photos show Toronto-born Omar Khadr lying buried and hurt in a trench during a firefight in Afghanistan that killed a U.S. commando. His lawyers say that proves he couldn’t have thrown the lethal grenade”

In the left photo (1), Omar Khadr is hidden under rubble from a collapsed roof. In the upper corner is an unnamed combatant killed by U.S. forces. In the right photo (2), Khadr is lying face down (body is highlighted), with his head pointing toward the combatant’s body and two bullet wounds in his back.

File:Omar Khadr getting battlefield first aid.jpg

Omar_Khadr_getting_battlefield_first aid. Khadr (foreground) after being pulled out from under rubble, shot twice in the back.July 2002